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05/02/2006 Specialty Vehicles



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To our Valued Customers


The following vehicles require an extra charge due to the extraordinary cost of parts and/or labor.  In all cases the total cost, including extra charge, does not exceed the average cost of the same services at our competitors.  Unless noted otherwise, the price includes all oil and extras.


The prices listed are for our base Quaker State Oil

Audi/VW '93 and up


VW Turbo Diesel $41.95
VW VR6 $40.95
BMW-318i with Spin on Filter $30.95
Saturn L Series $35.95
Jaguar-All $40.95

  cost basis for oil filter & extra oil

Better than Competitor's
* Porsche 993/996  with Mobil 1

       By Appointment Only

Better than Competitor's
Porsche 944/944 Turbo $30.95/40.95
Mitz-Montero with Dual Shields $36.95
** '96-''03 Nissan Pathfinder/XTERA/QX4/Frontier

  Includes all 6 cylinder Nissan SUV's

Dodge Ram Turbo Diesel (Cummings) (12 Qts 15W40 Penn) $50.95
Powerstroke Diesel

(16 Qts 15 W40 Penn)






















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