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Lube It All announces Keep Your Kids Alive Drive!  Look for a different driving tip every other month on the Valpak Coupons & on our websites.


Keep Your Kids Alive Drive - Attitude Tip


Chris Willcox

10 Time Formula Car National

Champion & Skip

Barber Racing Instructor









Professional driving requires a professional attitude, or philosophy, towards how to drive.  Driving at its core is getting from point A to point B at the best speed safety compromise.  It's about transportation.  Driving at 3 mph, or 33 mph, might be safer, but it is not efficient, since time is an essential part of the transportation equation, hence, driving the highest "safe" speed.  "Safe depends on the driver's skills, road design and condition, traffic, weather, vehicle, vehicle condition and load, and laws and law enforcement.  This last can be an unfortunate arbitrary obstacle instead of a vital safety tool, just ask the people in New Rome, Ohio.


And now the philosophical problem.  Point A to point B does not involve, and must not involve, emotions or emotional reactions, games, or any other non driving logic based behavior.   Driving as transportation should not be a game.

  1. So blocking, much less active blocking, is out (hello New Jersey!). Make it easy, not hard to pass you, but not at the cost of blocking yourself into a corner.

  2. Turn signals, useful information before the car brakes or turns, are in.

  3. Pick a speed and stay with it, inconsistent speeds are out.

  4. Right lanes are in, they are the safest due to the shoulder escape route.

  5. Driving at high speed past a line of stopped cars to get ahead of them is out (I have witnessed several serious accidents via this alone).

  6. Stopping at stop signs is in, as is looking twice each direction.

  7. Forward vision is the highest priority so following closely is out, and the bigger the obstruction the further back and to the side we need to drive.  Yes, drive on the part of your lane which gives you the best visibility forward, and around that curve (see tip "Eyes" and "Focus")

  8. Brake checking is out (unless you want to start a road rage incident), as is reacting to anything BEHIND you.  So if you do not like what is happening behind you ignore it.  It is what is happening in front of you that affects you.

  9. Drive the speed limit so as not to impede others, it is usually artificially low.  If it often seems high, this may mean you are not looking through the corners.  Check the "Eyes" tip.  Not looking through corners is scary  (look where you want to go, not where you are going), and cutting corners over the yellow line is the result.  You (very few) trained drivers, have patience with slower traffic.

  10. Yes, drive an ESC equipped car, but also fit proper tires.  Neither ESC nor all wheel drive can increase braking traction or performance (stopping distance), only stability.  But proper tires can do exactly that.




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