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Lube It All announces Keep Your Kids Alive Drive!  Look for a different driving tip every other month on the Valpak Coupons & on our websites.


Keep Your Kids Alive Drive - Attitude Tip


Chris Willcox

10 Time Formula Car National

Champion & Skip

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Many people lose sight of the necessity of driving priorities. Young people are especially prone to being distracted into the poor situational awareness (see "focus" tip). Seasoned drivers have an internal alarm clock which brings them back into focus when they lose it, which for most of us is set at about .5 seconds. But what happens when there is an unusual occurrence? What happens when a wasp suddenly buzzes your head in your closed vehicle? What happens when your motor suddenly quiets, or your tire suddenly goes flat? There might be many things to consider at once, and drivers must focus on the most important aspect of the situation. That aspect is their safety, and the safety of others.


Recently, when I spoke of this tip, my partner, Frank, told me a story about a man who stopped to ask a state trooper directions. The problem was the trooper was stopped on an interstate highway bridge with a disabled motorist, and the gentleman asking for directions stopped in the middle lane of the freeway making a very dangerous situation a certain catastrophe. There was now only one lane open in a no shoulder 3 lane interstate highway, and traffic was certain to crash into one or the obstructions (car with people in them) eventually.


The officer in this situation screamed at the fellow who stopped: move on, NOW. He was afraid for his own life as well as those of all present.


I remember going down an icy hill in 1971 in Charlottesville, VA, approaching Barracks Road. I was 19. The '63 Jaguar XKE coupe had Michelin radial tires, but "all season" technology, such as we have now, was yet undeveloped. The E type lost all traction and became a missile, unresponsive to the brakes, moving right due to the road crown, and bouncing off the curb a couple of time before coming to a stop at the bottom. And now I made my mistake.


I got out of the car to access the situation. This was a mistake I would not make today. Another car approaching the top of the hill burned through my perplexed and whirling mind (was my car damaged?) and I realized it was going to go out of control as well, and end up...right where I was. I got back in so fast I broke off the turn signal stalk, went to the power, and moved ahead, just as that car slid down and ended up where I had been, and was hit by the next car down. So it going if you do not keep the overall situation in mind. Military personnel call it "situational awareness". Consider everything that impacts your situation. What is most important? Your safety is most important, and you must act accordingly.


I should have kept going to find a safe place to examine my vehicle. And so should you.





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