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Every driver requires complete focus in order to maximize their performance behind the wheel.  That is why there is such concern about texting, talking, shaving, reading, and in general being distracted while driving.  Focused driving is safer driving.  Focused street driving allows lane control skills to be developed which can save your kids' lives, or yours.  This skill involves keeping your eyes pointed down the road as far as you can see while making small steering corrections to keep your tires in a precise part of the lane.  This is not easy, so you need to practice every second you drive to develop the skill to do it.  And to practice you need to focus.


How does focus and precision pay off in safety?  Let me give you one important example, with more examples in future tips.  You can use this ability to precisely place your car on old, wet pavement to allow stopping up to 4 times shorter within the same lane.  The safety advantage of this is self explanatory.


On a wet road, traction is the first priority.  (Also on wet roads, you can see and learn where your tires are actually tracking by glancing in the rearview mirror.) All season tires sold today provide roughly 80% of dry traction on a wet freshly paved asphalt or new concrete surface.  That is not bad, but on highly polished (see photo) asphalt or concrete surfaces, surfaces polished by tires rolling over them for years, the same tires can provide as little as 20% of the traction available if the surface was dry.  Such a surface mimics ice, and they are common on some of the roads we drive.  Such polished surfaces usually follow typical tire paths in lanes, and are often accompanied by worn depression ruts which make a bad situation worse due to standing water in the ruts.


So, focus to be aware of changing road surfaces in the wet.  IF the road is wet (polish) is no problem in the dry), and IF there are polished tire paths in your lane, there is always a rougher, less polished surface right next to the polished tire paths.  Use focus and precision driving to carefully place your tires on the roughest surfaces in the lane (see picture and arrows).  You have to put your tires left or right of the normal tire paths to drive on these rougher surfaces. 


Anyone can drive without being fully focused, but driving like that is inviting a situation which could cost your life at any time as unexpected things happen fast.  So focus will allow you to see things sooner and react fast, and focus can be used to develop and practice precision driving skills which can save your life.  Your kids need to develop the habit of focus and with it the habit of precision driving encouraged by you and your example.


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