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  Lube, Oil and Filter

Premium ISLAC GF5

(Up to 5 Qts. included)

All oils are ISLAC GF5 standard. These top quality oils meet or exceed all new car manufacturer warranty requirements.

All standard oil changes include new oil filter, checking and topping under hood fluids except brake fluid (has a dash warning light), vacuuming, tire pressure check and adjust, lube door hinges, windshield cleaning, and service interval reminder resets.     


National Account 5w30 $32.95
Chevron 5w20 $33.95
Castrol GTX 5w20 $38.95
Castrol GTX 5w30 $38.95
Castrol GTX 10w30 $38.95
High Mileage 5w30 $43.95
Castrol Semi Synthetic 5w20 $47.95
Castrol Semi Synthetic 5w30 $47.95
0/20 Full Synthetic National Account $59.95


Specialty Vehicle Pricing (Audi, VW, Porche etc.)


Other brands and weights available including Mobil 1


No Frills Service for any oil change subtract $3.00 from above prices. No Frills does not include vacuum or tire pressure check.


Transmission Services with Synthetic Fluid


Power Flush


Flush w/Filter $155.95
Filter and Fluid from $74.95
Drop 'n Fill from $59.95


Coolant Machine Flush


Toyota Red $89.95
Long Life Universal $89.95


Other Fluid Services


Power Steering Flush $69.95
Differential from $39.95
Transfer Case from $39.95


Specialty Services


Windshield Wipers from $6.95
Headlights from $6.95
Filters (Air and Cabin) from $6.95
Windshield Chip Repair $59.95
Headlight Lens Surface Refinishing $19.95


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